Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kitchen Mishaps

I have burned dinner almost every night this week.

It's true. Burned it. Totally charred, "do I have to throw out this pot?", beyond redemption, "okay, I guess we're going out for dinner" ruined. My biceps are bulging from all the heavy-duty pot scrubbing I've had to do recently. I have been a complete and total kitchen disaster.

I'm blaming it on the "blood moon," the lunar eclipse that's going on at the moment. It's plausible, trust me. I've always had insomnia around full moons. So does my dad, and I think my daughter might be inheriting this tendency. So this super special full moon is (in my estimation) wreaking havoc on my sleep patterns, and that's made me a bit incompetent.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Miss Congeniality, or This Curry Has a Great Personality

Miss Congeniality
I made a curry last night that was, for me, a revelation: cooked in a purée of herbs, coconut, spices, and yogurt, it's very different from the tomato-onion versions that I mostly make. The recipe is based on one by Sanjeev Kapoor in his book How to Cook Indian (I always want to insert an "an" in the title); I modified it a bit to suit my kitchen equipment. I was really, really happy with the results.

However, when I went to write a blog post, I realized something: it's so damned hard to take pictures of Indian food if you're not a professional food stylist. Often dishes are a big bowl of greenish-brown or yellowish-brown or reddish-brown or brownish-brown goop -- insanely delicious goop, but goop nonetheless. But why should it have to be beautiful, I think, if it tastes good? Why give in to the age of Instagrammed dinners? Why does all food have to be sexy? My indignation rises in direct proportion to the impossibility of making the food look appetizing. And of course the "OMG please don't call me a food blogger" in me also makes me completely resistant to actually learning how to take photos of delicious goop; in fact there are tricks, the internet and my food artist friends tell me.