Sunday, June 22, 2014

Turnips are not sexy

It is perfectly fitting that I am following a post on prunes -- no matter how much you want to rebrand them "dried plums," prune industry, we all see through your trick -- with another deeply unsexy sounding ingredient: turnips.

I've been getting hakurei turnips at my CSA farm lately. Yes, they are hipster turnips; I make no apologies. They seem to be particularly popular among the organic farm, CSA set, and are a common sight these days at farmers' markets. They're a bit bigger than radishes, with smooth, creamy white, perfectly round roots attached to deep green and unblemished leaves. I pick them up and put them into my bag not because I have any particular idea what to do with them, but just because they're so darn pretty. They taste the way a regular turnip would if it had moved to the city and gone to grad school and ended up making good but not vulgar money and had conversations with friends over drinks at the local in which it had very intelligent but also funny and self-deprecating things to say about the Degenerate Art show or the latest thing at BAM or whatever fantastic television show it's binge-watching. Confident enough of its turnipness to not make a huge point of it, comfortable in its own (very tender) skin.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Try a Little Bitterness

Sometimes people send me messages -- women, mostly -- to say that they're in pain, that they're experiencing heartbreak or in the shattered aftermath of a divorce or some traumatic variation thereof. They write to me, they say, because they've been reading my blog and finding some comfort there: finding they aren't alone in their loneliness, that they're part of a community of solitary sadness, even if my loneliness and sadness is in the past, on the page, in retrospect, while theirs lives and breathes.