Monday, July 7, 2014

The Purge

Just a recipe or two today, as I sit on the deck at my parent's cabin in Montana, determined to get my book manuscript finished and take care of myself in other ways for the next month or so.

Getting out of my village for the summer was a bit hectic -- I'm renting out my house to a Broadway legend this summer (don't ask) and so spent much of the weeks before my departure doing a thorough clearing of clutter. So many unnecessary things donated to goodwill or given away on Freecycle or, when neither of those were options, thrown in the trash or sent off to be recycled. I always find those moments of purging so freeing and therapeutic, but in a terrifying way -- not much different from the day I realized I'd accidentally erased a couple of thousand messages from my email inbox: 98% of those emails I would never miss and should have deleted long ago, but what crucial information might have disappeared among those remaining 2%?