Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pizza Night

I am not a fan of pizza, particularly.

I know, I know -- practically makes me not human. I say this out loud and people look at me funny. I truly believe that my lack of pizza love was one of the major reasons my marriage broke up (that and burrito indifference). Friends have recoiled when I've revealed my lack of ardor, as if they're scared of catching my pizza apathy.

But of course while I was able to organize my life in a pizza-free fashion at one time, now that I have a ten-year old there is just no way to avoid it. Pizza is part of my existence, like Nickelodeon tween stars, top-40 radio, and The Hobbit. Resistance is futile.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Interpreter of Memories: Eating Your Way Home

Hello, dear readers. I am so happy to share with you my first "official" piece of food writing -- an article that I was invited to write for a terrific magazine called Edible Hudson Valley, edited by Eric Steinman. I had the pleasure of interviewing cookbook author and celebrity chef Suvir Saran, too.

Here's the article. I urge you to check out the full issue of the magazine.

There's a recipe for Kaddu ki Subji (Hubbard Squash with Indian Spices) at the end. Try it out.

UPDATE: A commenter mentioned that s/he was having trouble with the link above. Perhaps this one will work better. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Peach Avalanche

I laugh at all the alchemists of the middle ages who thought the key to everything was finding a way to turn lead into gold when in fact the most amazing transmutation bar none is turning sunlight into peaches and tomatoes and things.

Yesterday my neighbors Amy and Chris called, inviting me over to pick from their tree. Never mind my amazement that one can grow peaches in Western Massachusetts -- thank you, global warming? -- but when I got to their yard I found a tree drooping from the weight of its crop. Heavy rains were scheduled for later in the day, and some of the delicate fruit were already suffering from the effects of the recent wetness, growing brown and soft in spots, molding right on the branches.