My Life in Cookbooks


I am presently reading the most beautiful , evocative of place and time, book on food: Honey from a Weed by Patience Gray. I highly recommend it. I enjoy your Kitchen Flamerie and appreciate your efforts.
Kat said…
I love having a peek into your culinary inspiration...
PBarnwellCollins: thank you! I will look for that book -- there are so many food writers that I've yet to discover.

Kat: I guess you're right -- it *is* my culinary inspiration. Very low brow, and homey. :-)
David said…
I think you'd love Jim McCann's history of/how-to-make African cuisine, Stirring the Pot. It's brilliant:
David, thank you -- that does sound fantastic. I don't know anything about cuisines of Africa, except a bit about North African food. Silly that there's a whole continent that I am uneducated about.